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Do you want to remove your address from Mailchimp communications?

Mailchimp adds your email address by default to certain automated email communications. Namely the following:

  • Confirmation Page Thank You – Users get this email after they have confirmed the validity of their email address.
  • Email Footers – Mailchimp adds your mailing address in the email footers. They state that “Contact information is required in all campaigns to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and international spam law.” This includes a physical mailing address or P.O. Box where you can receive mail.

If you are anything like me and don’t have a business address, you are going to want to remove your address from all Mailchimp communications. I have found a way to remove the above two and will go into detail below.

I have not found a way to remove my address from the “Profile Update Email Sent” and “About Your List”. If you know how to do this (on the free version) do let me know in comments.

Confirmation Page Thank You

To remove this, go ahead and log into Mailchimp.

Go to “Audience” (found in the top navigation bar) and then you will see a dropdown to the right. Just right of “View Contacts”. Select “Sign Up Forms.”

Select “Form Builder”.

In Form Builder you should see a dropdown. Select “Confirmation thank you page,” as shown in the screenshot below.

Mailchimp Form Builder Screenshot

Once you’ve selected “Confirmation thank you page” you will see the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor as seen in the screenshot below.

Subscription Confirmed shows your mailing address

Go ahead and tap into the box that contains “|HTML:LIST_ADDRESS_HTML|” and remove that line. Tap Save and you are done.

Email Footers

Before I go into this, I must disclaim that this is clearly against Mailchimps policy. I plan to secure a P.O. box in the near future to enable me to comply with their policy.

In the meantime. To remove your address from the footer, simply remove the Paragraph below.

Our mailing address is:

See screenshot.

Mailchimp Footer Template Editor

Mailchimp will show an error but allow you to proceed. Again, use at own risk as it is clearly against their written policy.


That is how you remove your address from Mailchimp communications.

I hadn’t realized that my physical address was going to be used. I haven’t dug into it enough to know if other mailing list clients require the same. But it’s next on the list. Either switching providers or buckling and getting a PO box as I’m super uncomfortable having my address out there in the world especially given that I’m posting about my children.

Let me know what you think and how you’ve gotten around this if at all.

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