About Me

Ruthie Wozniak baby wearing toddler

About Me

My name is Ruthie Wozniak.  No relation – that I know about.

I have two boys, Vinnie is almost 3 and Theo is not yet crawling.  Erwin, my husband, and I met while we both randomly lived in England.  We are the Wozniaks.

I work full time in the tech industry, momming as well as I can before and after my annoyingly long commute.

I work hard to have the best of both worlds, at home and in the office and want to share the lessons I’ve learned in the pursuit of “having it all”.  I’m not sure it’s possible but I am sure that you can enjoy yourself while striving toward it.

As you can tell this is a new venture so stay tuned.  I will be posting weekly.  You can subscribe to my email list or find me on Pinterest and Instagram.